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Wrist Watch Collectors: We are all the same, but different

Watch collectors are a noble, passionate, highly intelligent and quirky bunch. Out of all the things on Earth to collect- women, cars, stamps- why watches? Why expensive watches? Why plastic, digital watches? Why Mickey Mouse watches? First of all, I believe that a watch collector definitely appreciates watches a lot more than non-collectors. There’s something about a watch that fascinates them. It’s probably the technology, the aesthetic appeal- but mostly, it’s because one connected with a watch at a point in time. Whether it’s a watch that was given as a gift, inherited, or bought out of need- the average watch collector felt some kind of personal attachment to a watch and wanted to replicate this feeling- this emotion with more and more watches.

There are some collectors who buy watches quite rapidly- buying anything he or she finds interesting. But then there are some, like myself who goes on a personal crusade and spends the majority of his or her time strategizing and building the perfect collection. Price is one big factor, but I think emotional appeal is probably greater.

Watch collectors are individuals- with varying tastes, budgets, and goals. This website focuses on the ability for each collector to share their own collection and absorb individual tastes and approach. It allows us to consider other watches we’ve never thought of owning by piquing each other’s interests. It brings so many foreign watches right in front of us- giving us unique perspective on the thousands- millions wristwatches other collectors own.

Usually, when I am lucky enough to see others’ collections, I always admire their strategy and try to understand what drove them to making their selections. After all, watch collecting is extremely personal. And the wristwatch is one of the most personal items a person has. Most people wear watches through so many different situations and moments through their lives. Some special moments, some not so. It’s wearing certain watches for different occasions- wearing the same watch everyday. It’s all the same because the appreciation for what we’re wearing drives us. Also- it’s about the chase. What watch we’re going to buy when we get our next bonus or promotion. Or what watch I I’ll wear to my wedding.

Wristwatch collecting is an extremely personal and individual thing. But once in a while I love to lose myself in another fellow collector’s passion and the perspective is quite fascinating.