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Review: Panerai 24 Luminor Submersible

PAM 24 Submersible: Mixing the classic Luminor case with Panerai bezel

The Panerai 24 is arguably the most classic of the Panerai Submersible series dive watches. It is just about the most legible watch I’ve ever owned- mostly due to the generously applied Super Lumoniva on the hour marker dots, matte black dial, and oversized skeleton hands. This watch is a stunner- no doubt about it. I especially enjoy wearing it casually, with a t-shirt and pair of jeans. With sweaters and jackets, the watch is a bit thick (16mm), forcing me to adjust my cuff more than I’d like to. It’s a “tough” looking watch- almost like the “Dirty Harry” or his weapon, the .44 Magnum of wristwatches. The PAM 24 is as handsome on the wrist as it is imposing. At certain angles, it seems like the watch is submersed in a body of water- the thick sapphire crystal is so substantial that it presents a magnifying and distorted view of the hands, dial, “cyclops” magnifying date window at 3 o’clock, and hour indices. It is a spectacular sight indeed. As a matter of fact, there may have been a few times where I looked like a complete imbecile sitting in traffic or in a restaurant somewhere, discovering the right angle to highlight the effect. But, those who have ever tried this Panerai on know what I mean.

This Panerai, like most Submersibles, is an automatic, meaning self-winding as a rotor winds the watch when one moves around his or her wrist. The PAM 24 houses a modified Valjoux 7750, known in-house as the Panerai OPIII movement, which you actual feel on your wrist due to the heavy rotor swinging around at sharp hand and arm movements. The movement is a durable, tested one being a certified chronometer (COSC) with 42 hour power reserve.

Looking at these pictures again, there’s certainly something about the PAM 24. You can tell by the way I took the pictures that it’s one of my all-time favorites. I spent a lot of time trying to present its personality, and not to sound too self-assured, but I feel I did a good job doing so. It’s so captivating on the wrist, especially in those different angles I mentioned. The crystal, case, luminous and applied “dots”, and those skeleton hands make this watch simply breathtaking. At night, it glows in the dark quite well- probably better than 90% of other watches I’ve observed. I only wear it on the OEM black rubber or Velcro and Kevlar straps, as I feel it’s truly a sport watch, unlike the Luminors or Radiomirs, and it’s not meant for leather straps. As a matter of fact, it only comes with the Velcro and rubber straps from the factory. The only thing about this PAM 24 is that you have to be careful not to scratch the satin-finished bezel- which is quite thick and protrudes above the case.





  • Well-balanced design
  • Beautiful dial
  • Terrific example of wrist machismo 


  • Very bulky watch
  • Valjoux7750 movement wobble

    Panerai 24 Luminor Submersible Specifications:

    Case: Stainless Steel

    Case Diameter: 44MM

    Case Width: 16MM

    Crystal: Sapphire, 3.5MM thick

    Movement: Panerai OP III, Automatic

    Water Resistance: 300M / 1000FT

    Strap: Black velcro and black rubber