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Heart Rate Monitors - Activity Watches

What would I Heart Watches be without information on quite possibly the most essential watch- a heart rate monitor?! Heart rate watches are digital and usually rubber or plastic watches that are used to measure, log and track a user's heart rate.

Though these watches are made with inexpensive materials, they are quite technologically magnificent watches with available Bluetooth, alarm, and chronograph capabilites. In fact, some companies are so advanced that their watches are actually fitness monitors, being able to provide key statistics that can be interpretated to gauge one's physical fitness condition.

These heart rate monitors are becoming quite popular with people of all ages, even teenagers and the elderly. Young people who are overweight, obese or have a family history of obesity, high cholesterol or high blood pressure use these watches to monitor their health. Even fitness buffs and athletes in their 20s, 30s, and 40s use these to track workouts through monitoring their heart's activity level during light, moderate, and severe workouts. These are especially valuable to athletes in competitive team sports, such as high school and college athletics, or even recreational performers such as runners, bicyclists, and bodybuilders or gym rats. The baby boomers and senior citizens also find them extremely useful- and use them to obviously track their heart rate.

As the popularity of these advanced timepieces continue to grow, many companies have been stepping up the features, designs and usability factors for these heart watches. We will feature some of the best heart rate monitors with individual reviews and usability articles in the near future. Stay tuned!