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Charlie Sheen's Patek 5970: Missing

Charlie Sheen Lost his Patek

When Charlie Sheen had his rendezvous with Capri Anderson at the Plaza Hotel in late October 2010, his dignity was not all that was lost. Apparently, he also lost his Patek Philippe 5970 Perpetual, which is valued at $165,000. Sheen’s Patek was allegedly taken by Ms. Anderson, however she denies taking the watch.

Now, if I were to partake in an alcohol and cocaine bender with a porn star, the first thing I would do besides stopping by the nearest Duane Reade to buy several packs of condoms would be to drop my watch and wallet in the hotel safe. However, it can be understood that Mr. Sheen may have been a bit excited and forgot to do so. In that case, I would leave the watch on my wrist at all times- never taking it off!

I never expected Charlie to be a watch fanatic, but anyone who owns a Patek 5970 is quite well-educated regarding wristwatches. The Patek is a highly desired watch by just about all watch afficianados and the loss is highly disturbing- as it’s a already quite legendary among collectors. Many jewelers save it for their best private customers and I can bet a long list of true wristwatch collectors certainly wished they had the opportunity to buy one.

It was quite unsettling as to hear that Charlie Sheen lost his watch. Despite all the Sheen-bashing that’s been going on lately due to his erratic behavior, I still admire him and wish him nothing but the best. Everyone has a little bit of Charlie Sheen in him.

Charlie Sheen’s watch: where are you? I hope it wasn’t just pawned, and if it was: 1. I hope it’s in the hands of a true collector and 2. I hope Charlie insured it!